Why you should become officially credentialed by The Pirate Council?

The credentials offered by The Pirate Council are the only globally recognized credentials for Pirates.

In days of old this credential may have helped you become a captain your own pirate ship and gain your letter of marque as a privateer.

Today, listing this prestigious credential on your resume should certainly help you to advance your career, particularly if you aspire to operate any pirate themed party boat or amusement park attraction. Apart from that, you will definitely gain admiration from friends and respect from advisaries when you display your credentials.

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive:

  • a printable certificate suitable for framing
  • a printable wallet card suitable for laminating
  • a digital certificate or “badge” that can be displayed on social media sites including LinkedIn and FaceBook

In addition to this notoriety, the credential will likely pay for itself many times over in friendly, rum-fueled wagers regarding pirate trivia.