Become a pirate

Ready to take the exam and become officially credentialed as a Pirate?

Become a Certified Pirate

Become a Certified Pirate. Complete the assessment and achieve the recognition you crave.

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The Pirate Code

In order to be accepted by the Brethren you must agree to live by the Pirate Code.

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The Value of Credentials

Why become a Credentialed Pirate? If you have to ask you may have sailed into the wrong port. If so, read further or allow the press gang to do the convincing.

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Prove Your Salt.

Anyone can talk or dress like a Pirate. To accepted by the Brethren takes more than donning an eye patch - you must be bold. Fearless. Prove that you have the salt and rum in your veins.

The Pirate Council recognizes and awards a distinguishing certificate to individuals that can complete the arduous trials set forth herein to become a Certified Pirate.

These trials consist of an extensive knowledge based assessment that will truly measure your salt. And, of course you must attest to live by the Pirate Code.